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    Create Projects Bulk Publish Schedule

    The next step is to create a Bulk Publish of the Projects in the production PWA one day prior to your future ‘archive’ schedule.

    The reason is that projects may have two versions – Draft and Published. During the upload of projects to the target PWA, G.A. Suite publishes them several times and if the project is in the Draft version in the source system, you will see it as the published version in target one. If after that you compare the projects, you may see so-called false-positive results of the comparison. To avoid this, it is recommended to perform the projects publish which can be done automatically by G.A. Suite.

    1. Open G.A. Suite, your source PWA environment => Schedules => New Scheduling Profile. 

    2. Provide the title for this profile: e.g.: Projects Publish before archiving.

    Select the time for this schedule: we recommend archiving your projects once a month, so it should be a monthly schedule. 

    Also, we recommend republishing the projects one day prior to the projects archiving. If you archive your projects once a month on the 28th, then the projects publish should occur on the 27th of each month. 

    3. Select the type of operation: Publish Projects. 

    By view option => e.g.: Ready for Archiving view (select the view name you have previously created in Project Center, (step 1)). 

    Click Save. 

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