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    OData Settings

    G.A. Suite has an open protocol that allows querying data - G.A. Suite OData. 

    Using G.A. Suite OData, users can use the full functionality of Power BI reports. 

    G.A. Suite Power BI Pack provides detailed information on your G.A. Suite account usage and allows identifying and analyzing possible issues.

    To access G.A. Suite OData settings open G.A. Suite settings from the Gear button on the Home page:

    In the OData Settings you can find the OData URL – this is a URL link to G.A. Suite instance OData that you can use to connect to G.A. Suite OData.

    In order to be able to create reports, a password is required. In G.A. Suite, you can create a token, that can be used as a password.

    Please note: OData Settings contain a default token. In case you revoke the default token, Power BI reports will not be updating and as a result, will not be displaying actual data. Once the token is revoked, it cannot be restored.

    To download G.A. Suite Power BI Pack, please follow this link.
    To learn how to install the G.A. Suite Power BI Pack, please refer to this article.

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