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    Activity log

    The Activity log page shows extended logs on all the actions performed by users on your G.A. Suite tenant.

    To open it, click the Settings (gear) icon on the upper navigation ribbon and choose Activity log.

    Each activity log records includes the following information:

    • Name of the user account who performed the action
    • Date and time 
    • Action
    • URL of the environment which was affected
    • Action details

    To filter the available log records, you can use the following controls:

    Period (1): Use the calendar selectors to set the time period which for you’d like to check the activity records.

    User (2): Allows to filter the list of records by specific user account

    Environment (3): Allows filtering the records by environments affected

    Action (4): Full text search field allowing to show only the records with specific action

    Details (5): Full text search field which allows to search for the records which Details descriptions include the text entered in this field.

    You can also export activity logs into an Excel file using the Export to Excel (6) button.

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