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G.A. Suite Features Overview

Feature Supported
Backup/restore/copy of PWA configuration including:
Enterprise Lookup Tables +
Enterprise Lookup Tables Values +
Project level Enterprise Custom Fields +
Resource level Enterprise Custom Fields +
Task level Enterprise Custom Fields +
Resources: Identification Information +
Resources: User Logon Account +
Resource Custom Fields values +
Resources: Departments +
Resource Calendar Exceptions +
Enterprise Calendars +
Users + (2, 3)
Project Server Security Groups + (2)
Project Server Security Categories + (2)
Project Server Security Templates + (2)
Project Server Security PWA Permissions settings + (2)
Project Detail Pages +
Custom Web Parts + (4)
Enterprise Project Types +
Enterprise Project Type association with Project Site Template, Project Plan Template, Workflow +
Workflow Stages +
Workflow Phases +
Workflows +
Fiscal Periods +
Time Reporting Periods +
Line Classifications +
Timesheet Settings +
Administrative Time +
Task Settings and Display +
Drivers (Driver Library) +
Driver Prioritizations +
Portfolio Analyses + (5)
Dependencies in Portfolio Analyses +
Views +
Quick Launch links +
OLAP Databases -
Groups AD sync -
Users Group membership + (2)
Additional Server Settings and Reporting settings +
User Delegations -
Backup/restore/copy of Project Plans including:
Projects: EPT and Workflow association, skip to stage +
Projects Timeline -
Project Schedules +
Project level Custom Fields values +
Task level Custom Fields values +
Projects: Tasks Status Manager setting -
Projects: Driver Impacts -
Tasks, Assignments +
Project Owner + (1, 2)
Project Team +
Resource Engagements of committed type +
Resource Engagements of proposed type -
Resource Engagements of draft type -
Subprojects, Master Projects +
Master Projects with two and more levels of nested Subprojects + (7)
Resources: assignment attributes +
Project Permissions + (2)
Project Templates +
Timesheets + (6)
Backup/restore/copy of SharePoint content including:
SharePoint Sites + (8)
Sites association with Site Template +
Subsites hierarchy +
Lists +
List Items +
List Folders +
List Views +
List association with Site Columns (Web Fields) +
List association with Content Types +
List association with List Workflow +
List customizations: Forms, Form Settings +
List customizations: Managed Metadata fields and Keyword Settings +
Enterprise Metadata -
Document Libraries +
Document Library content (files, documents) +
Document Library Folders +
Document Library Views +
Document Library association with Site +
Document Library customizations: Forms, Form Settings +
Site Features +
Site Content Types +
Site Columns (Web Fields) +
Site Pages +
Site Theme +
Site Logo +
Site Master pages +
Solutions (Site Templates) +
List Workflows +
Site Navigation +
Regional Settings -
Managed Copies of files in Document Libraries -
Document Libraries Document Version History +


1) Project Owner will be set only if the corresponding Resource is a User.

2) PWA must be in Project Server (or Classic) Permission Mode.

3) G.A. Suite does not back up/restore users in Active Directory

G.A. Suite backs up/restores Project Server resources and users, in a case that an appropriate user account already exists in the Active Directory on the PWA (exact match of Display Name is required).

4) If server code is used, then Solution must be installed in the PWA.

5) Known issue: Portfolio Analysis Baseline Scenario with Constraint Type: Resource is not backed up/restored

6) All timesheet lines will be restored as personal tasks. 

7)  Restore/Copy of Master Projects with two and more levels of nested Sub-projects is not supported when performing the restore/copy in the default ways. However, there is a workaround to migrate Master Projects with two and more levels of nested Sub-projects described in this article

8) Project sites residing in an alternate/different Site Collection won't be linked to the corresponding Project automatically.

Known Limitations

G.A. Suite has certain limitations related to the backup/restore of Project Online data. 

The following content cannot be backed up/restored/copied:

  • Workflows developed in Visual Studio
  • All kinds of reports that use a database connection (reports that use OData will be backed up/restored)
  • Due to the Sharepoint security implementation, it is impossible to backup or restore limited access permission levels. Please refer to this article to learn more about Sharepoint permission levels.

Please note: Unsupported browsers and operating systems for G.A. Suite:

  • All browsers on Windows < Windows 7
  • All browsers on Android < 4.4.2
  • All browsers on Windows Phone < 8.1
  • All browsers on OSX < 10.9
  • All browsers on iOS < 6.0.1
  • Internet Explorer < 11
  • FireFox < 31
  • Chrome < 49
  • Safari < 6
  • Edge < 15

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