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Formula fields are not calculated after uploading PWA configuration


Project/task custom fields of Formula type do not show calculated values after PWA configuration and projects were uploaded using FluentBooks. 


Custom fields of Formula type that are based on other custom fields that are also of Formula type may not be calculated correctly after migration of PWA Configuration. 

The calculation may also fail if the formula is complicated.


To resolve the issue with the Formula fields not being calculated, you would need to modify the formula in the field and then revert the modifications back, therefore, enforcing PWA to refresh the Formula fields.

The steps below describe what modifications need to performed in order to enforce Formula field refresh:

  1. Navigate to the PWA Settings page and click the Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables link in the Enterprise Data section.
  2. Open the Formula field for editing, make any modifications to the formula and save the field.
  3. Open the Formula field for editing again, revert the modifications you made on the previous step and save the field.
  4. Publish the projects where the issue with the Formula field not being calculated was observed.

Please note: For publishing purposes, you can use the 'Publish Projects' wizard. It allows performing bulk projects publish either using Project Profession or Server-side.

From now on the Formula field should be calculated correctly and successfully in all re-published projects, as well as in the newly created projects.

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