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Exporting resources/Lookup Tables/Custom Fields failed: *UIDInvalid


When you try export resources, custom fields, or lookup tables, you may get the following type of error:

Exception: <errinfo xmlns=""><dataset 
name="Resources"><row RES_UID="0b2a5dc7-430c-474c-bc08-00137ee37582"><error 
id="2011" name="ResourceUIDInvalid" 
  • For lookup tables: name=“LookupTableUIDInvalid”
  • For Custom Fields: name=“CustomFieldUIDInvalid”


Resource, custom field, or lookup table, with the same UID existed on the target PWA instance but was removed. FluentBooks can not create the same user, because the UID is still existing in the database.


To allow FluentBooks to create these items with new UIDs, you need to enable the option “Force data creation with new UID” in the FluentBooks Workspace Settings before exporting:


Workspace Settings

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