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How to update Status Managers for Master Projects (workaround)

In this article, we will review how to update Status Managers for Master Projects. 

It is not possible to update Status Managers using FluentBooks for Master Projects. However, there is a workaround on how to update these values manually after Projects have been migrated to the target instance using FluentBooks. 

Microsoft Project has a limitation that a Status Manager cannot be set to anyone except for the schedule owner. If you want to assign another person as the Status Manager to a task within your project plan, you need to ask him/her to edit the schedule in Microsoft Project and assign himself or herself as the Status Manager.

If you need to assign a person who is not an owner of the schedule as a Status Manager, there is a solution. You need to create a fake task using delegation for each Project Manager you want to assign as a Status Manager, then when you open the project in Microsoft Project Pro, you can update the Status Manager to any of those resources.

If you create a project schedule you will become a Status Manager for all tasks, this is by default. You will not be able to edit the Status Manager field in Project Server/Project Online. 

You need to open the schedule for editing using Microsoft Project Pro.

In Microsoft Project Pro, the list of resources for the Status Manager will only contain the name of the schedule owner.

If you need to update the Status Manager for your tasks to a different resource, perform the following: 

1. Create a delegation for the required user. Open the settings => PWA Settings.

2. Under Personal Settings click Manage Delegates

Please note: Not every organization uses delegates, so if you can’t set up a delegation, contact your administrator.

3. Click Delegations > New.

4. Use the From and To dates to set the time period when you need to use the delegation. 

In the 'Set Delegate' field provide your own name. In the 'Working on Behalf Of' field provide the name of the person who you want to set as a Status Manager for your project.

Click Save

5. Open PWA Settings again => Personal settings => Act as a delegate

Next, select a required user, click the 'Start Delegate Session' button. 

Now, by using delegation, working on behalf of the person who you need to set as a Status Manager for your project, add a fake task to your schedule in Project Online. 

Please note: The person who you need to set as a Status Manager for your project and you are working on behalf of as a delegate should be granted edit rights to this specific project.

For this task, using the delegation, the Status Manager will be set to the person you are acting as a delegate for. 

Save, publish and check-in the project.

6. Open the project in Microsoft Project Pro, you can now set this person as a Status Manager for the required tasks. 

When finished, you can delete the fake task created.

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