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Migrating resources in batches

If you need to migrate a big amount of resources (more than 2000), we recommend splitting this migration into smaller parts.

Please note: If you are migrating other PWA Configuration elements as well, please download and then upload all required PWA Configuration elements without resources first. When the PWA Configuration is migrated to the target PWA without resources, you can start migrating resources in batches following the steps described in this article.

Downloading resource batches into FluentBooks workspace

1. Open your PWA and navigate to the Resource Center to see the full list of your resources.

2. Switch to the Resources tab on the toolbar and click the Export to Excel button to load the list of your resources to an Excel file.

3. Open the downloaded file in Excel. You can split resources into batches in this Excel file at once (or create separate Excel files with batches as required). Later it will help to correctly select the resource batches in FluentBooks. 

4. Open FluentBooks => File => New

5. In the new blank workspace that is opened, select Resources => Import Extra Resources

6. In the Import Resources window provide your source PWA URL and credentials and click Load

7. Open the Excel file with Resources and copy the first batch to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). You can copy the corresponding rows completely or just copy the column with the resource names of the first batch.

8. Switch to FleuntBooks => Import Resources window and press Ctrl+Shift+Space. The corresponding resources will be automatically selected.

9. Press Import and wait until your data is downloaded.

When the download process is completed and resources appear in the workspace, click File and save this workspace with the first batch of resources. 

10. Repeat steps 4 to 9 for all the other resource batches.

As a result, you will have several workspace files with resource batches saved on your PC. 

Uploading resource batches to the target PWA

After all the resource batches are successfully imported into the workspace files, we need to load them to the target PWA.

1. Open FluentBooks => click Export => Upload PWA Configuration wizard. 

2. Provide all the necessary credentials to the target PWA.

Mark the Upload workspace from file checkbox and select the workspace with the first resource batch imported earlier.

Click Next to proceed. 

3. On the second page of the wizard, mark the Resources checkbox and click the Select All workspace elements button to select the resources within your workspace. 

4. Press Next and wait until resources are exported to the target PWA. 

Please note: If there are any resources that are associated with user accounts, perform the account mapping following the steps described in the User Account Mapping article. 

5. Click Finish and repeat the same operations for the next workspace file with the second resource batch.

Please note: It is possible to launch several FluentBooks instances at once and select the workspace files with different resource batches for each FluentBooks instance. This will make the whole process of uploading resources in batches faster. However, it is required to use different migration (connection) accounts for each instance of FluentBooks to avoid throttling. 

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