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    General Settings

    To change General Settings:
    1. Open FluentBooks.
    2. Select File → Settings → General Settings. 

    In General Settings you can set Logs folder and Temp folder.

    Logs folder

    All logs created by FluentBooks while any action performed are saved in Logs folder .

     To change logs folder:

    1. Click Change button next to the Logs folder line.

    2. Select a new place for storing log files. 

    3. Click Apply button. 

    Temp folder

    Temp folder contains files generated by FluentBooks during any process of its usage. In case you are going to perform a large migration, temp folder editing might be a useful option if have little space on your hard disk drive. 

    To change Temp folder:

    1. Click Change button next to Temp folder line.

    2. Select a new place for storing temp files.

    3. Click Apply button. 

    Allow FluentBooks to send usage information

    Please keep this check box checked to help us make our product better through receiving a usage information.

    This setting does not transfer any personal data, we only collect information on the usage of wizards and time elapsed for wizard processing.

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