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    Automated license on first installation

    To make FluentBooks activation faster and easier, you can use automated licensing.

    Automated licensing is available for:

    • Latest FluentBooks Versions 
    • Earlier FluentBooks Versions 

    Latest FluentBooks versions (released later than autumn 2018)

    If your copy of FluentBooks is already installed and is not licensed yet, do the following:

    1. On the target PC, navigate to the %AppData%\FluentPro FluentBooks 2013 folder.

    2. Create a new empty file and name it licensing.auto

    3. Open the newly created file with any text editor and put the following contents into it:

    ActivationEmail:[your email used for activation]
    ActicationCompanyName:[company name used for activation]



    4. Run FluentBooks. Your license should be automatically activated. 

    Earlier FluentBooks versions (since build #1441)

    If FluentBooks isn't already installed on the target PC, you can use the following command from the cmd shell (administrator rights required):

    msiexec /i [path to FluentBooks *.msi installation file] ActivationEmail=[email used for activation] ActivationName=[firstname.lastname] ActivationCompanyName=[company name used for activation] /quiet


    msiexec /i c:\Downloads\FluentBooks.5.1.6968.1442.msi ActivationEmail=johndoe@apollo.com ActivationName=john.doe ActivationCompanyName=apolloenterprises /quiet

    This command will perform a silent installation of FluentBooks (without showing installer UI). Your license will be activated automatically on the first launch.

    Please note: If FluentBooks was installed on the target PC earlier, this command won't work because of the old license file(dmt.license) present in your system.

    In this case, run FluentBooks and deactivate your license (by opening File > License and clicking on Deactivate button) or navigate to the %AppData%\FluentPro FluentBooks 2013 folder and delete the dmt.license file manually.

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