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Account requirements for using FluentBooks

In this article, we will review the account requirements for using FluentBooks. `

When using FluentBooks for different kinds of operations (migration, comparison, documentation, project publish, etc.) you are working with FluentBooks wizards. On the first step of each wizard, it is required to provide PWA URL, user account, and password that FluentBooks will be using to connect to your PWA and complete the selected operation. 

The user account that you provide on the first step of the wizard should have a valid license: Microsoft Project Plan 3 or Microsoft Project Plan 5.

To access the PWA data (PWA configuration, projects, SharePoint sites, etc.) read it and process with FluentBooks the account you provide on the first step of each wizard should have the required set of permissions:

If you have Project Server permission mode on your PWA, the account should be a member of the following groups:

  • PWA Administrators security group:
  • Site Collection Administrators group:

If you have SharePoint permission mode the account should be a member of the following group on your PWA:

  • Site Collection Administrators group:
  • Administrators for Project Web App group:

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