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FluentPro Trending does not require any additional configuration upon installation, however you can change the time when snapshot should be created. By default, snapshots captured at 11:00 PM on daily basis.

:!: Note: FluentPro Trending stores only one snapshot per day. In case it is running 2 or more times a day then existent snapshots for that day will be overriden.

To adjust time for running FluentPro Trending do the following:

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration site
  2. Navigate to Monitoring → Review Job Definitions page
  3. Find the FluentPro Trending Data Sync Job sharepoint - 80_/pwa_cfdc9b12-6b79-45e6-8b0e-381aeee830a5 job and click it
    • sharepoint - 80 is the name of the web application
    • PWA is the name of the PWA
    • cfdc9b12-6b79-45e6-8b0e-381aeee830a5 is a GUID of the site collection
  4. Set desired time and click OK
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