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PDP Manager allows customizing fields look and feel on Project Detail Pages to make them more user friendly.

To start using PDP Manager, open PDP that has fields and start editing that page (Site Actions → Edit Page).

:!: Please note that you need to have permissions to do so.

In Project Server 2010

In Project Server 2013

You will see an icon near each field on the PDP. Clicking on that icon will open PDP Manager Settings window:

In Project Server 2010 In Project Server 2013

Detailed description of settings you can find in the table below:

Name Description
TitleOverwrites field title
DescriptionProvides field description
HintProvides hint for the field
Font SizeChanges font size of the title
Font ColorChanges font color of the title
Font StyleChanges font style of the title
Also override value label styleApplies settings to the field value (in view mode only)
Is Read OnlyMakes field read only in edit mode
Hide in View ModeHides field in view mode
Hide in Edit ModeHides field in edit mode
Apply to all EPTs and PDPsApplies setting made for current field to all PDP's containing this field
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