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FluentPro Formulas is a custom formula engine for Microsoft Project Server. It is the easiest way to get more from Formula fields in Project Server. It uses same syntax as out of the box formulas, but with additional unique functions, it is possible to easily make complex Project Server customizations with zero programming. FluentPro Formulas supports the following features:

  • Generate unique human-readable IDs
  • Load risk and issue data to automate project indicators
  • Calculate project fields based on values in its tasks
  • Calculate task fields from parent project and task assignments
  • Calculate Resource fields based on assignments
  • Share data between projects
  • Include SharePoint list and library data in calculations
  • Query SQL Databases to pull data into tasks or projects
  • Calculation of Native fields (limited)
  • Call external web-services to integrate with ERP, CRM, Timesheets and other enterprise systems
  • Integration into Server Settings Edit Enterprise Custom Field page

User Guide

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