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FluentPro Financials for Project Online

FluentPro Financials for Project Online delivers financial categorization, scenario models, financial rollups, analytics, estimates and reporting. You can download this app at the Office Store.

Costs and budget are integral to the project’s success. And while there’s a number of factors that contribute to cost overruns and schedule delays, proper planning, cost transparency and control over expenses are elements that can make the difference. 

FluentPro Financials seamlessly integrates with MS Project Online to give PMOs greater control over portfolio spending, enabling them to increase ROI on every project stage.

Estimation and planning

  • Draft more accurate initial estimates of what investment it will take to complete the project.
  • Estimate the benefits your company will gain from a project.
  • Model various project cost scenarios using cost rollups.


  • Perform more detailed and flexible cost planning with user-defined cost types and cost categorization.


  • Break down project costs using detailed analysis.
  • Optimize financial visibility across multiple portfolios with FluentPro Financials’ reporting feature, which includes actual vs. planned mode.

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