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'(404) Not found' error when trying to load data to report

APPLIES TO: FluentPro Power BI reports package for Planner; FluentPro Power BI reports package for Project Online


Following the steps to create a report in Power BI desktop using FluentPro Power BI package user receives an error  '(404) Not Found'.

Such error may occur on the step, when user chooses an OData feed as a data source, provides the User Name and Password for authentication and clicks 'Connect': 

Power Bi Desktop will attempt to load the data, connecting to the provided OData feed URL with the provided credentials.

Instead of the data being loaded, user receives an error:


The error message most frequently occurs due to the provided user account credentials not being valid.

Power BI reports built with the help of FluentPro Power BI packages use EPM Pulse OData as data source. In other words, Power BI extracts data from EPM Pulse OData and loads it to the report. To establish connection between Power BI and EPM Pulse OData Basic type of authentication is required - login and password.

If either of integrated authorization modes were used - Office 365, Google or Microsoft - when signing up to EPM Pulse, it would not be possible to establish connection between Power BI and EPM Pulse OData, since for such authentications user's login and password are not used explicitly. They use access tokens instead.


I. Generate a password for your account in EPM Pulse

If you signed up to EPM Pulse using either of integrated authorization modes - Office 365, Google or Microsoft, you can still use your user account, however you would need to set a password for this account in EPM Pulse:

1. Navigate to EPM Pulse and click on your account in the top right corner of the screen. Then choose Personal Settings: 

2. In the opened page choose Change your password option.

This option only allows to create or update a password for access to EPM Pulse. The Office365 password will NOT be changed

3. In the opened page type in the password you would like to use to the New password field and repeat the same password in the Confirm new password field.

Then click Change Password. 

4. You can now use your user name and the freshly generated password to connect to EPM Pulse OData feed in Power BI.

II. Add user to your EPM Pulse via Individual Invitation

In EPM Pulse it is also possible to add a user via individual invitation.

Such user would also need to generate a password to log in to EPM Pulse. Thus, it would be possible to use such user account for connection to EPM Pulse OData feed in Power BI.

Follow the step below to do that:

1. Navigate to EPM Pulse. Click on the gear-like button and choose User Management option - 

2. In the User Management page scroll down to Invite more users section.

Type in the email address where invitation will be sent. This can be any email address - personal or work.

Make sure to select Admin option in the Role drop-down!

Then click Send Invitation.

3. EPM Pulse will send invitation to the specified email address.

Open the invitation and follow the link in the email body to proceed.

4. EPM Pulse will be opened in the new tab. Click on the account name in the top right corner of the screen. 

Choose Personal settings and update the password following these steps - Generate password for the account in EPM Pulse.

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