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Unable to find assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel'

In this article, we will review the case when the 'Unable to find assembly Microsoft.IdentityModel' error occurs.

This error appears when the client id and secret for the OAuth app are expired.

To solve this issue, it is required to register a new Integration Hub application following the steps described below: 

Please note: An Office365 account with at least a Cloud Application Administrator permission is required for Online App registration.

1. Go to the website:


2. Click on the 'Certificates and Secrets' option on the left.

3. Click the 'New Client Secret' button. 

Choose any name (e.i. 'Integration Hub') and the expiration date for your secret.

Please note: You will need to repeat these steps once the secret expires.

Copy the Value of your new secret. 

The Client ID value will remain the same, there is no need to update it. 

4. Set the ‘App domain’ field to the IIS site host domain name.

5. Set the ‘Redirect URI’ field to https://integraionthub.domain.com/ConnectionProviders/ProjectOnline/AcceptAccessToken where integraionthub.domain.com is the IIS host domain name.

Please note: The 'App domain' and 'Redirect URL' values can be taken from the fourth step of the Integration Hub configurator. 

Next, changing the old client ID/secret values in the configuration files for the new ones generated during app registration is required.

1. Open the configuration files: 

C:\Program Files\FluentPro Software\Integration Hub\Web\web.config

C:\Program Files\FluentPro Software\Integration Hub\Service\Pip.JobProcessor.exe.config

2. Change the client ID/secret accordingly. 

3. Restart FluentPro Integration Hub services and perform iisreset.

Next, it is required to refresh the credentials for all Project Online connections. Open the integration scenarios for editing can click the Refresh button. 

Only after the credentials are refreshed you can launch the integrations (click the Run Now button for your integration scenarios). 

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