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    Custom scenario script context

    Below you will find the script context which can be used for custom integration scenarios.

    Source Transformation Script context

    • filter (object). Contains filter data of the integration scenario.
    • applyFilter (utility method). Allows verifying if an object or message conforms filter conditions specified in integration scenario settings.

    Target Execution Script context

    • createMessage (utility method). Creates the instance of the message accepted by the target connector to be used in sendMessage method.
    • sendMessage (utility method). Passes data to the target system connector.

    Used in both contexts

    • data (array). Contains incoming data received from the integration source either by polling data or by an external trigger (via Integration Hub API).
    • connector (object). Exposes API of the connected system. Available methods depend on the specific connector type.
    • log (object). Exposes logging methods to be used by the integration scenario.
    • entityLog (object). Exposes methods to track changes of entities (projects, tasks, resources, etc.).
    • cache (object). Exposes methods to access internal storage of Integration Hub.
    • convert (object). Utility with help methods to convert data types.
    • progressTracker (object). Exposes utility methods for tracking progress of long-running integration scenarios.
    • cancelTransfer (utility method). Stops data transfer processing.
    • postponeTransfer (utility method). Postpones transfer execution for a specified delay.
    • setResult (utility method). Allows to set data to be processed later in the Target Transformation Script.
    • getFlow (utility method). Internal usage only.

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