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'Notes' task field is not displayed in EPM Pulse widgets


Setting up a widget to play data on Task level fields you may notice, that 'Notes' field cannot be added to the widget: 


EPM Pulse takes data from Project Online OData API. The field 'Notes' is not present in OData, thus, EPM Pulse cannot use it.


1) Create a Task level custom field of a Text type in the PWA. Assign a 'Formula' attribute to the field so that 'New Field' = [Notes].

As an example we have created a custom field named 'Notes Field'

2) Add the newly created field to the Project view: PWA Settings --> Manage Views.

In this example we have added the field to the 'Tasks Summary' view

3) Navigate to the project and publish it. After the publish completes values from 'Notes' field will be duplicated to the newly created field:

4) Navigate to EPM Pulse --> Data Management and initiate data synchronization: 

5) After that open your dashboard and set up the widget to display the newly created field. You will find values from the OOB 'Notes' field are displayed now:

It is possible to change the column name in the widget to 'Notes'. Open widget settings (brush-like button) and choose 'Columns' tab. In the Headers field type in the name of the columns comma-separated):

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