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    G.A. Suite Free Edition

    G.A. Suite Free Edition offers users the possibility to backup 25 projects and project sites, connected to them, and use 10 GB of data storage. Additionally, 'Document Now' and 'Publish Projects' options will be available.

    Please note: All other elements of G.A. Suite functionality (copy, comparison, etc.) will be disabled.

    Please note: If the limit of 25 projects and 10 GB of data storage is exceeded, then after 7 days G.A. Suite will stop processing scheduling profiles. The operations launched manually will no longer be available as well. G.A. Suite functionality will not be available until you obtain a paid license for more projects and data storage or remove your old backups. 

    To stay within your free license limits we recommend setting up a retention policy to delete old backups automatically or deleting old, unnecessary backup files from the backups list manually. 

    Obtaining Free Edition

    To obtain the G.A. Suite Free Edition a user needs to Sign Up for G.A. Suite. For a detailed description of the Sign Up process please refer to this article: Sign Up to G.A. Suite.

    As a result of the Sign Up process and following the On-Boarding wizard, a user will gain access to the G.A. Suite site for a period of 365 days and will find the PWA URL (which was specified in the On-Boarding wizard) was added to G.A. Suite. It will be located on the Home Page.

    With Free Edition a user gains access to all G.A. Suite user interface elements and can navigate to different pages available on Home Page. However, all functionality, except for Backup and Restore of 25 Projects and their Project Sites, will be disabled.

    The descriptions of the available functionality may be found below.

    Creating a backup schedule

    After Sign Up process G.A. Suite will display an On-Boarding wizard offering a user to select 25 projects for backup and set up a Backup schedule.

    If a user skipped the On-Boarding wizard, the backup schedule can be created later in the following way:

    1. On the G.A. Suite Home Page click on the added environment for which you would like to create a Backup schedule, open the Protection Management section, and select the Schedules option. 

    2. Click the "New scheduling profile" button to create a new backup schedule.

    Please note: G.A. Suite Free Edition allows creating only one scheduling profile.

    3. Provide the schedule Title, optional Description and make sure the Enabled checkbox is checked and this backup profile will be active:

    4. Select backup type and time - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

    • For Daily type - select the desired time of the day when the backup will be launched
    • For Weekly type - select the weekdays and time when this schedule will run
    • For Monthly type - select months, time, and dates on which the backup schedule will run.

    5. If needed, provide specific credentials and validate them. Multi-factor Authentication for Office 365 users is also available. For more details refer to this article.

    Please note: By default G.A. Suite uses the credentials which were provided when adding PWA to G.A. Suite. These credentials are stored and may be found on the PWA Settings page. If for some reason you would like the service to use a different set of credentials, use this option.

    6. Select the type of operation, which will be launched by this schedule.

    Apart from Backup, G.A. Suite can also run scheduled Documentation or Project Publish processes.

    7. Select the Content which will be backed up by this schedule:

    PWA Configuration can be fully selected using the 'By Default' option or partially, checking the 'Selected' checkbox and selecting the required PWA Configuration elements in the window that appears.
    For Projects, only the 'Selected" option is available for the free license plan (25 projects can be selected for backup). Click 'Selected' to open the window where you can select the Projects you would like to include in the backup.

    For SharePoint Sites, only the 'For Selected Projects' option is available in the free license plan. Only SharePoint sites for the selected Projects will be backed up. 

    Timesheets are not available for selection in the free license plan.

    8. Click 'Save' to proceed. 

    9. Your first backup schedule will be created and launched. You will be redirected to the Backups page where you can track backup progress and status.

    On the Backups page, you can track the progress of the backup you have launched, launch another backup or restore, as required. 

    Document Now

    One of the available options in G.A. Suite Free Edition is 'PWA Documentation'.

    This option allows generating an Excel file that contains PWA configuration documentation with information about every configuration entity in your Project Online instance: 

    To access this option a user needs to click on the PWA on the G.A. Suite Homepage and under the Change Management section choose the 'Documentation' option. On the documentation page click Document now button. 

    The detailed instructions on using this option may be found in the article below - 

    Generate PWA Documentation

    Publish Projects

    Another available option, which G.A. Suite Free Edition enables to use is 'Publish Projects'.

    This option helps a user to publish a significant number of projects without a necessity to open and manually publish each of them.

    To access this option a user needs to click on the PWA in G.A. Suite Homepage and under the Change Management section choose the 'Publish Projects' option.

    The detailed instructions on this process may be found in the article below: 

    Publish Projects

    Obtaining G.A. Suite Trial

    Users who reviewed the G.A. Suite Free Edition functionality may also be interested in obtaining a trial for full G.A. Suite functionality.

    The difference between the two editions is that the Trial version user gets access to full G.A. Suite functionality - Backup, Restore, using PWA Configuration and PWA Data migration modules.

    The trial license needs to be requested from the FluentPro Sales Team. To submit a request, please fill in the Contact Us form or send an email to sales@fluentpro.com.

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